What We Do

Founded in 1976, STS Technical Services has spent more than three decades servicing the commercial & industrial industries in the United States and overseas. Since our inception, we have provided both staffing and engineering solutions on everything from mining to industrial assembly and material handling equipment. This exclusive industry focus allows us to clearly differentiate our services to both candidates and clients alike.

Recruiting Model

We’ve developed a unique recruiting model, which combines revolutionary staffing technology and proactive recruiting methodologies focused on the commercial and industrial sectors. Everything we do is done in an effort to provide in-depth, out-of-the-box solutions that assist our clients in growing their business while saving them money.

What Defines Us

The best companies are always defined by the quality of their people. No amount of goals or objectives will ever be realized without the talented workforce it takes to implement them. A strong, motivated and disciplined staff always makes the difference, and STS Technical Services is the only solution you need to hire the best and brightest to accomplish your goals.

What Sets Us Apart

STS Technical Services is recognized by employers and employees alike as the foremost leading recruitment specialists for industrial equipment professionals. Our 35+ years of staffing experience sets us apart from our competition. Our unique and innovative solutions make us the most advanced workforce management and engineering services company in country, and we look forward to speaking with you soon.

Let our years of experience work for you. You can’t afford not to. Contact us today to learn more.