Workforce Management Solutions

If you think the only way to manage the recruitment of your Workforce is either through an MSP or to work with a dozen vendors, think again. STS Technical Services provides an industry transforming model to the problems often associated with the acquisition and management of labor. 

Have too many suppliers and no strategic partner? Let us show you how to solve that problem... differently. 

Our Workforce Management Solutions allow organizations to stop being reactive and start being strategic. Proactive sourcing with an inch-wide, mile-deep focus wins the war for talent every time. Outsourcing allows you, the customer, to focus on what you’re good at while we take the problem of talent acquisition off of your plate.

It’s time to start defining partnerships as us investing in you. Click here to learn more about our Workforce Management Solutions now!

Engineering Solutions

We bridge our world-class ability to recruit talent and 35+ years of mechanical-based engineering experience to provide businesses with a one-stop partner dedicated to solving engineering scalability issues

From fully outsourced services to on-site solutions and offshore programs, STS Technical Services provides end-to-end programs that are structured to help your company produce the product your customers expect.

Our in-house engineering teams provides project management support, engineering consulting, FEA analysis, design engineering and design drafting services. 

If you're out of space at your current facility, need design expertise that falls away from the norm, require extra design support to meet a project deadline or want help with miscellaneous detailing / drafting, STS Technical Services is the only company you need to keep engineering

STS’ project management resources can be utilized across all levels of new and existing project development either at our location, onsite at the client location or a combination of both. The choice is yours. Click here to learn more about our Engineering Solutions now!