Workforce Management

When compared to the competition, it's easy to see that STS Technical Services operates from a position of strength that is supported by its vision of working shoulder-to-shoulder with clients.

Historically, staffing has been a commodity-driven industry where employee and the requisitions are viewed as transactions. STS Technical Services shifts this paradigm by choosing to operate proactively with its clients in a true partnership fashion; investing time and resources into understanding their strategic needs well before a need is actually required.

By being proactive, STS Technical Services goes above and beyond the typical actions of a staffing agency that simply fills job orders. We utilize industry-leading technology that facilitates automation of the resume sourcing process. This technology harvests candidates from local and national job boards as well as numerous social media sites, and this harvester provides a constant influx of resumes for our team to screen. 

When giving visibility to projects that are coming up, STS Technical Services has an advantage over the competition since most are only willing to apply hiring resources once an order has officially been approved.

STS Technical Services is a company that is not limited by brick and mortar. We leverage a proven Remote Management Strategy which utilizes on-site program coordinators in geographically aligned locations alongside technology solutions that have been created to provide a local feel to all of our client programs.

STS Technical Services offers a talent acquisition solution with a specific emphasis aligned to your unique workforce management needs, business structure and corporate culture. The combination of STS Technical Services’ deep industry knowledge and track record for exceptional service will no doubt create a successful partnership designed to drive exceptional talent acquisition in both the United States and around the globe.

The primary elements of our solution include:
  • A dedicated program team with both the skill set and experience needed to drive results that exceed industry SLAs at every level
  • A National Recruiting Center with the capability to provide high-volume staffing and sourcing on a global scale
  • Ongoing analytics for process improvement and change management that results in reduced overall costs
  • Complete leverage of VMS Software that deploys modern technology alongside a robust capability set used for facilitating the management of large workforce management programs
  • Enterprise Contingent Workforce Compliance Program
  • Enterprise-wide staff reporting