Tool Steel

Tool Steel

Perfect for high temperature, high wear applications.

Heat to Harden

Tool Steel gets harder, stronger, and tougher when heat treated. We recommend air quenching at 1010C (1850F) and double tempering at 600C (1110F). For improved hardness at the expense of part toughness, you can double temper at a lower temperature (500-550C, 930–1022F).

Resolution Supported

  • 100 Micron – 0.1 mm

Max Part Size

  • 235 x 68.3 x 75 mm

Material Finishes

Material Properties

Heat Tolerance
Properties Sintered Wrought Heat Treated
0.2% Compressive Yield Strength 900 MPa
Elastic Modulus 180 GPa 190 GPa
Hardness 52 HRC 63 HRC
Relative Density > 94.5% 100%