STS Technical Services Provides Better Engineering Through FEA

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One of the benefits of having seasoned engineers doing design work is that they have an innate ability to know when a structure “feels strong.” They have designed and built similar structures in the past and know where problem areas are, when something needs extra support or if a selected part “looks too thin.” They also know when something looks questionable; and that’s when they request an FEA be done.

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STS Technical Services Prides Itself on Hiring Military Personnel

STSTS Veterans

Throughout my career, I’ve had the opportunity to recruit across multiple industries and world-class organizations. From mining equipment and heavy construction manufacturers to medical device and progressive IT firms, my clients have provided me with an extremely rewarding career that consists of bridging niche and unique labor markets with the appropriate talent that keeps them operational, competitive and, most importantly, profitable.

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In Honor of Chattanooga

CH blog

It was my turn to take a step back from the chaos of a day in the staffing industry to reflect on our profession and write something about it. I had a topic in mind, scalability specifically, when yesterday’s news began to trickle and then flood in across social media about the deaths of four marines in a Terrorist attack in Chattanooga, TN. Somehow the perils of the staffing industry seem pretty irrelevant right now.

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Technical Recruiter Needed in Brookfield, Wisconsin

Corporate Recruiter Jobs (1)

If rewarding company culture and career growth are terms that pique your professional interests, you’re going to want to perk up and pay attention to the following…

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STS Partners with McNeilus to Hire 15 Field Mechanics

McNeilus and STS Technical Services are hiring! (2)

Several times a year, STS Technical Services gets tapped by one our clients to staff a special project that offers incredible direct-hire opportunities. When that happens, we rally our recruitment teams and get to work on finding the best candidates available for the careers we’ve been tasked to fill.

Knowing this, our team is very excited to formally announce that, on behalf of McNeilus, we are now hiring 15+ Service Technicians (Field Mechanics) for lucrative and rewarding career opportunities in highly-desired locations all across the country.  Below is a list of the positions we need to fill.

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One Woman’s View on the Importance of Size


Get your minds out of the gutter, ya’ll. I’m talking about staffing firms.

Hello, everyone. I’m Jenny, and for the past five years, I’ve been employed by a “boutique” staffing firm known as STS Technical Services (STSTS). When I took this job, I anticipated my time would be spent serving our smaller, back-yard clients with one and two off requests. But day-in and day-out, my charming little firm chooses a different path, one I found quite surprising, initially. Let me explain…

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Success in Business Starts by Studying Your Competition

Business- Know your competition

In business, if you don’t know who your competitors are, how can you expect to beat them? This is a valid question; one that’s best answered using the following analogy.

Business is a lot like professional sports in that the best players / teams work hard to perfect their trade. Some of the most well-respected athletes and coaches on the planet are rumored to watch up to 20+ hours of game film per week. They don’t do this for their own enjoyment; they do this so they can come up with a game plan focused on exposing an opposing team’s weaknesses. In short, they do this to win.

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STS Technical Services: Taking Customer Satisfaction to a Whole New Level


At STS Technical Services (STSTS), we take great pride in satisfying our customers. And when we mention the word “customers,” we’re referring to two equally important groups – clients who require recruitment process outsourcing and the contract employees we hire to support those clients.

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Engineering Staffing Trends to Follow in 2015

Engineering Blog (ES)

Everyone would love to have a crystal ball to predict the weather, the outcome of a big game, lottery numbers, etc…  Unfortunately, crystal balls don’t exist outside of fiction. In business, that means we are forced to look at empirical data vs. statistical data in an effort to come up with the best case scenario for sales planning and execution. Included in that mix of data are many outside factors one most consider; things like contingent labor, technology and automation, manufacturing stateside as well as sustainability. All of these things directly reflect ongoing market trends throughout the evolving engineering industry, and breaking them down can provide accurate insights as to what’s coming next.

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