STS Engineering Services goes back to “Old School”


With the calendar turning over to September and the cool air starting to rush in through the Midwest, that can only mean one thing (no, not football season)… It’s time for our children to return to the classroom.

Summer break is over, and that spells back-to-school shopping for mom and dad. My sons’ supply list had all of the usual suspects; pencils, crayons, paper, notebooks, a calculator, etc…

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Keep it Simple: Advice for Today’s Engineers

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Valentine’s Day 2015 is almost upon us (let’s not all get excited at once, now). This past weekend, while shopping for a Valentine’s Day card for my wife, I couldn’t help but notice that every card I looked at mentioned the word “kiss.” After fumbling through the fifth or sixth card, my engineering mind started thinking about the KISS Principle. For those who are not familiar with the KISS Principle, let me explain. KISS, in engineering circles, is an acronym for “Keep It Simple Stupid”. Putting it another way, less is more.

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