Clear Resin

Stereolithography 3D printing technology makes clear prints possible on the desktop. Clear Resin is great for fluidics and mold making, optics, lighting, and any parts requiring translucency.

Strong, Clear & Smooth

High Resolution:

  • For demanding applications, our carefully-engineered resins capture the finest features in your model.

Strength and Precision:

  • Our resins create accurate and robust parts, ideal for rapid prototyping and product development.

Surface Finish:

  • Perfectly smooth right out of the printer, parts printed on the Form 3 printer have the polish and finish of a final product.
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Temperature Properties

Heat Deflection @ 264 psi – 108.9 °F
Heat Deflection @ 66 psi – 121.5 °F


Impact Properties

Notched IZOD
Green – 0.3 ft-lbf/in
Post-Cured – 0.46 ft-lbf/in


Available Colors

  • Clear
  • White
  • Gray
  • Black

Material Properties

Impact Resistance
Heat Deflection
Surface Quality
Phase Green Post-Cured
Tensile Strength 5510 psi 9380 psi
Tensile Modulus 234 ksi 402 ksi
Elongation at Failure 12% 6.2%
Flexural Properties 181 ksi 320 ksi
Impact Properties 0.3 ft-lbf/in 0.46 ft-lbf/in
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