Inconel (IN) 625

You can call this a superalloy.

Heat Resistant

Inconel’s strength combined with its impressive heat resistance makes it ideal for heat and pressure shielding applications. This Nickel-based superalloy is commonly used in jet engines and medical applications, and is very hard to machine. It is also very chemically resistant.

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Resolution Supported

100 Micron – 0.1 mm


Max Part Size

330 x 270 x 200 mm
( 12.9 x 10.5 x 7.8 in )

Available Colors

  • Steel

Material Properties

Heat Tolerance
Properties Sintered Wrought Heat Treated
0.2% Compressive Yield Strength 900 MPa
Elastic Modulus 180 GPa 190 GPa
Hardness 52 HRC 63 HRC
Relative Density > 94.5% 100%
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