Great Recruiters Care About People More than Numbers

30 Jan 2017 Bryan Shaw

Staffing is a competitive industry, and it is second nature to want to hit or surpass your company’s set performance metrics to in an effort to stand out.  After all, recruiting is a numbers game.

Great Recruiters and Sales professionals are driven by the almighty dollar. I am no different.  What often gets lost in this constant high-speed chase, however, is focusing on the people who are helping you get there. Candidates, clients, peers and adversaries all play a major role in every Recruiter’s success.  Remembering these people, and maintaining strong relationships with them, is what separates is often what makes good Recruiters great!

Aside from moderate financial success, what has kept me going as a Recruiter is the rewarding that comes from knowing that I’ve have had a positive influence on someone’s life. And I try to do this, one way or another, with every prospect I speak to and whether they land the job or not. It’s not only my duty to follow up on a regular basis as to the status of their candidacy, it is also my duty to ensure that this person is putting their best foot forward before and after their final interview. If a candidate doesn’t get the job, they’ll want to know why, and the answer often goes far beyond client feedback. Did you do all you could to prep this candidate for his / her interview?  Are they fully aware of what will be expected of them on a daily basis? Was there a personality conflict? These are all examples of road blocks that could have been avoided before they stepped foot into the building. As Recruiters, if we fail to do any of these things before a candidate interviews, then we owe it to them to be afterward so they can learn, grow and do better next time.

I have spent years building a network utilizing this get-to-know-them-and-care method. In fact, the mindset it has instilled has kept me going in times of struggle. If I can help a candidate become a better, all around professional, then I know I did everything that I could.

We are industry experts. We are training professionals. We are advocates. We are Recruiters!