In Honor of Chattanooga

17 Jul 2015 Bryan Shaw

CH blog

It was my turn to take a step back from the chaos of a day in the staffing industry to reflect on our profession and write something about it. I had a topic in mind, scalability specifically, when yesterday’s news began to trickle and then flood in across social media about the deaths of four marines in a Terrorist attack in Chattanooga, TN. Somehow the perils of the staffing industry seem pretty irrelevant right now.

Here we are again, performing what seems to be our bi-weekly mourning as a nation. It takes superhuman strength to not become numb to it all. My mind began to wander yesterday during a long car ride about what, exactly, are we doing about it? Personally and professionally, do we bury our head in the sand or take a stand? How do we help?

I thought about this company of ours and the work we do. I thought about our workforce in Japan and our folks on the ground in Pakistan and Afghanistan. I thought about my meeting next week with a client to support a Foreign Military Sale of U.S.-made equipment to our allies in Iraq and all the other work we do to support our fine men and women in uniform across the globe in dozens of countries. I realized something I knew all along, that this company does its’ small part to contribute to something so very, critically, important. And for that, we are humble and honored.

So I’m not going to blog about the next 7 steps to nailing your next interview. We are going to instead take a bow of gratitude and honor for our men and women in uniform, both domestically and internationally. To those uniformed colors of green, black, grey, white, and blue, we thank you. May your sacrifices never be forgotten.