Know Your Candidate: Recruitment Advice from STS Technical Services

19 Feb 2015 Bryan Shaw

Recruiting Advice

The importance of having a thorough understanding of your candidate’s qualifications, strengths and overall alignment towards client opportunities is one of the most critical components to becoming a successful recruitment provider.

Throughout the course of my career within the employment industry, I’ve witnessed firsthand how various recruiting tools have evolved throughout the years. Between the progressive world of Social Media, Resume Search Engines and Android Phones  to the trendy Networking Events meeting at the newest downtown hotspot, one could easily assume that recruiting has never been easier, right? Well… not so fast. Let me explain.

As our avenues for identifying talent grows, so does the importance of staying grounded to the core fundamentals of recruiting, or a term we like to use at STS Technical Services, the “Art of Recruiting.”

A recruiters ability to effectively communicate with their prospects to gain an understanding of that individual’s qualifications remains one of the most fundamental and critical steps of the recruitment process. It’s all too easy within our industry to rush through a recruiting call while thinking you have the right candidate because of what’s written on a resume. Making assumptions and not taking the time to know your candidate is a critical error.

The “Art of Recruiting” should be initiated the second a candidates resume hits the recruiter’s desk.  Besides scanning for the obvious red flags related to work history, education and basic career objectives, a good recruiter should always be looking to identify intuitive questions that relate to the specific job there recruiting for. The idea is to avoid sending your clients individuals that don’t align with their needs. Let’s take a Project Engineering position for example. Instead of taking your candidate’s word for it, or making assumptions on what they do, have them give you their direct involvement with past and current projects. Are they an individual contributor or are decisions and implementations made as a group? What was the outcome of past projects? Were deadlines met? It would be highly relevant to uncover successes and failures, as well as gauge one’s overall progression as a Project Engineer, prior to submitting their resume to a client.

Trusting your instincts and the ability to sense when things don’t add up remains a critical part of the overall recruitment process. A good premise to follow is this… If your candidate tells you they can do something, always follow up by asking how ,where and when it can be done.

A good recruiter goes into every call with a plan. I often encourage the recruitment team at STS Technical Services to think like customers in an effort to uncover truths. Any decent hiring manager will have the ability to ask appropriate questions to understand if the interviewee is the right fit for the position. Submitting candidates that possess inflated skills, or the wrong experience, will almost always be uncovered and most certainly lead to your clients’ lack of trust and confidence in your services.

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