The Sound of Value: A Staffing Prospective

13 Jul 2016 Bryan Shaw

When was the last time a customer showed how much they value you? I mean… when was the last time a company really, explicitly said how important you are to their success? Bear with me. I have a little story to share.

We were wrapping up a meeting in the lobby of an International Manufacturing company. I have two of our top recruiters with me and our Business Development guy, Paul Gilbert, who bubbled this opportunity up. We’re with their top HR Leader and have just concluded the day’s second go-round of meetings with regard to a workforce surge we’re managing for them. The stress was apparent to all involved in how visible this project is for the company. The HR leader has been in the trenches on this one, burning the candle at both ends to make sure his new staffing partner is set up to deliver.

Exasperated, he slides into a chair in the lobby and finally relaxes for a brief moment, as if a large weight had been lifted off his back. He turns to us and says “Man, am I glad you’re here.”

That’s what I am talking about.

There isn’t much in business that feels better than being valued. Unfortunately, in the staffing industry, it’s not something many get to experience very often. At STS Technical Services, we hear it from customers all the time, and we think that’s a resounding testament to who we are as people and the exceptional services we deliver.

Staffing has been called a necessary evil, a labor pimp, and more than once likened to a used car salesman. We’re the blue collar side of HR where respect is rarely given and always earned on this end of the food chain. Sometimes, we create the very stereotype we’ve grown to hate. Over-promise, under-deliver, and after a while the industry is given a black eye that is hard to escape from. So why does STS Technical Services have so much success standing out from the sea of mediocrity? I’ll tell you.

It starts with a simple premise; say what you can do, do what you say. Have strong ethics. Uncompromising work and moral ethics is what it takes to succeed, and if you possess both, you take your customers from skeptics to raving fans. Your word is everything. In the end, it’s not your fancy suit, your perfect PowerPoint or your set of marginally applicable case studies handed down from corporate that you probably had nothing to do with. It’s not your logo, your proximity, and it’s certainly not your “relationship” that you think you have with the customer. They want you to execute on your promise and be true to your word. And this is what we look for in those who represent our company.

If you think you have what it takes to sell or recruit for team like this, look me up on Linkedin here: Chuck Harrison, Vice President of Sales for STS Technical services. We are always looking to add star caliber talent. High moral fiber required!

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