STS Technical Services Delivers Scalable RPO Solutions

21 Aug 2015 Bryan Shaw


Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is an emerging industry that is growing in popularity due to the immense benefits and strong results it provides an organization.

At STS Technical Services, we continually work to differentiate the scalable RPO solutions we offer from those provided by competing firms. For example, our team isn’t stuck on using the same process time and time again. Instead, we pride ourselves on offering fully scalable hiring solutions that can easily be tweaked and customized to support specific client needs.

RPO stands for Recruitment Process Outsourcing. It occurs when an employer transfers all (or part) of its recruitment processes to an external service provider. There are a variety of RPO pricing models, and many factors come into play when determining cost. For example… how many candidates need to be hired and in what time frame? Are the required positions niche-based? These questions, as well as many others, must be taken into consideration before the true cost of an RPO solution can be determined.

If an organization is considering RPO, the benefits that come with it must also be considered. Here are some things to keep in mind. Deciding to run with an RPO solution often helps companies reduce hiring / human resource costs while adding an immense value in the form of talent-driven employees who are eager and ready to get to work.

In addition to cost-saving benefits, an RPO solution often provides a much-needed sense of flexibility. For example, as position volume increases, STS Technical Solutions is able to expand the number of recruiters it deploys. When the volume of positions decreases, STS can also reduce the number of recruiters assigned to the project, thus reducing the cost incurred by the client.

My name is Paula Bohl, and I am a Technical Recruiter for STS Technical Services. I have had the opportunity to be part of two RPO projects for our clients, and when I first entered the staffing industry, the term RPO was unfamiliar to me. As I’ve developed over the years into a successful recruiter, however, I’ve learned how important it is for STS to deliver quality RPO solutions, and I’m proud to say that our customizable programs continually yield exception results for our clients.

At STS Technical Services, we are dedicated to providing excellent customer service and unmatched relationship management through our RPO solutions. It is our goal to ensure that the specific recruitment needs of our clients are met at all levels.

If your company is interested in learning more about the scalable RPO solutions STS has to offer, contact our sales team at STSTSSales@d3.novacreative-dev or click the button below now. Thanks, and we look forward to working with you soon.