STS Technical Services Prides Itself on Hiring Military Personnel

23 Jul 2015 Bryan Shaw

STSTS Veterans

Throughout my career, I’ve had the opportunity to recruit across multiple industries and world-class organizations. From mining equipment and heavy construction manufacturers to medical device and progressive IT firms, my clients have provided me with an extremely rewarding career that consists of bridging niche and unique labor markets with the appropriate talent that keeps them operational, competitive and, most importantly, profitable.

Over the course of the last several years, STS Technical Services has continued to gain a considerable market share within the defense sector. As I look at our current book of business what’s noticeable is the sizable amount of partnerships we’ve gained with companies that develop, engineer and manufacturer products that ultimately support our national security as well as the safety of the brave men and women that have chosen to protect our country.

Working within the Defense industry has opened up an entirely new repertoire of priorities and challenges, and if you ‘ll indulge me for a moment, I’d like to share a brief perspective of my shared experiences.

I currently have the luxury of facilitating a large-scale hiring engagement with a company that manufactures vehicles designed specifically to withstand improvised explosive device (IED) attacks and ambushes. The individuals that STS Technical Services has been entrusted to screen and ultimately hire have had an immediate and direct effect on saving lives.

Partnering with local machine shops, supporting the hiring efforts of start-up logistic firms or placing personnel at your traditional OEM manufacturer are all noble partnerships. However, the reward of partnering with a client and an industry that has a direct impact on saving lives is immeasurable and extremely gratifying.

Anyone who’s worked in a recruiting capacity can tell you about the excitement that comes over oneself upon learning of a potential placement. Working within the defense industry has provided this same sense of excitement, amplified by the satisfaction of placing people into jobs that make a difference in the lives of individuals across the globe.

During a recent site visit for a project STS Technical Services is facilitating at Ft. Bliss Military Base, I expected to be subjected to a variety of typical contractor complaints that range from pay rates to the wrong kind of candy in the vending machines. Instead, I was pleasantly surprised that our staff, which mainly consists of active and former service members, was almost entirely issue free. Rather than complaining about the 100+ degree heat, or the long hours, I was getting comments involving the pride and accomplishment these individuals felt by being involved in a project that helps keep our troops safe.

It was extremely rewarding to watch different skill sets work together to fulfill tasks that were critical to the successful assembly of these vehicles. I watched as welders, mechanics and inspectors collaborated to ensure the appropriate adjustments and placements were made. It was evident through the expressions and determination on their faces that STS is extremely fortunate to have a workforce that is dedicated to truly making a difference.I can take comfort in the fact that our client is being serviced above and beyond by a group of professional employees that take their jobs seriously.

Personally speaking, I’ve never been enlisted in any branch of our military. I’ll never have any first-hand knowledge of the bravery it takes to sacrifice my life for the lives of others. Fortunately, however, I’ve been given the opportunity to work closely with the men and women who have.

STS takes pride in the fact that a large majority of its contract labor force consists of former veterans and active service members. The partnerships we’ve gained with the outlets that provide access to military veterans has proven to be extremely beneficial, and it’s a talent reservoir that STS will continue to frequent for all future hiring initiatives.

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