STS Technical Services Readies Itself to Support Oshkosh Corporation’s New JLTV Program

05 Apr 2016 Bryan Shaw

On August 25th, the Department of Defense awarded the highly coveted Joint Light Tactical Vehicle (JLTV) program to Oshkosh Corporation.

The JLTV is a United States military program that has been designed to replace the Humvee with a family of more survivable vehicles that boast greater versatility and increased payloads.

The Humvee was not manufactured to be an armored combat or scout vehicle but has been employed as such for years. The JLTV, however, is being designed from the ground up strictly for those purposes.

The future family of vehicles will consist of five armored versions that include light armored vehicles, infantry fighting vehicles, command post vehicles, reconnaissance vehicles and armored utility vehicles. The JLTV will be including MRAP (Mine Resistant Ambush Protected) technology that will assist in blast protection from roadside bombs and RPG attacks so commonly used in recent years by many of our nation’s adversaries.

The JLTV program offers the latest in vehicle technology, survivability and maneuverability for today’s fighting force. To put it bluntly, the JLTV will be saving the lives of our mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters and children. This 21st century armored vehicle is now being counted on to become the backbone of the fighting vehicle fleet for both the U.S. Army and the U.S. Marine Corp for the next 20 years.

STS Technical Services was asked by Oshkosh to partner on the program in an effort to provide support for the warranty, service and sustainment of the new JLTV vehicle under the recently awarded contract.

Over the past 12 years, STS Technical Services has been proud to support the design and service of the Army and Marine Corps MRAP fleet of vehicles during the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Our team has partnered with some of the largest military vehicle manufacturers in the world, including those manufactured by Oshkosh Corporation, in an effort to help manufacture, service and maintain the MRAP fleet.

The entire STS Technical Services family is proud to again be teaming up with Oshkosh Corporation in the execution of its JLTV contract knowing full well what this will mean to our soldiers as well as the great state of Wisconsin.

STS has made Wisconsin its home since 1978 and is proud to assist the local economy and build a workforce that will support one of the military’s most important goals… protecting our solders.

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