STS Technical Services: Taking Customer Satisfaction to a Whole New Level

18 May 2015 Bryan Shaw


At STS Technical Services (STSTS), we take great pride in satisfying our customers. And when we mention the word “customers,” we’re referring to two equally important groups – clients who require recruitment process outsourcing and the contract employees we hire to support those clients.

We’re a step above other staffing companies in that we not only provide an immense value to our clients, we also provide a dedicated Contractor Care Department to handle employee needs. Providing this one-stop service means contract employees never find themselves not knowing who to call in any given situation. From onboarding paperwork, timecards, paystubs, work related injuries, getting an old W2 or any other questions that may come up along the way, our Contractor Care Department is there to ensure each and every employee is able to perform at the highest level; armed with confidence in knowing there’s a team in place to support them every step of the way.

STSTS’ Contractor Care Department helps produce a happier, more satisfied workforce than what is seen within traditional staffing companies. Our clients receive quality placements that are likely to stay through the end of their assignment due to having their needs met and knowing that their work and professionalism is appreciated rather than being seen as just another number.

If you’re interested in learning more about the recruitment process outsourcing services we provide at STS Technical Services, feel free to click the “More Information” button below now, and you’ll be redirected to our website. Thanks, and we look forward to hearing from you soon.