FEA Analysis – Failure Analysis by STS Technical Services

In my previous blog, I discussed the benefits of FEA in validating designs. When a failure has occurred in the field, manufacturers want to understand why the part failed before replacing a machine that may likely just fail again. That’s where FEA can be used to aid in failure analysis. We can use FEA to re-create the conditions that caused the break and help design a fix to the machine.

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STS Engineering Services goes back to “Old School”


With the calendar turning over to September and the cool air starting to rush in through the Midwest, that can only mean one thing (no, not football season)… It’s time for our children to return to the classroom.

Summer break is over, and that spells back-to-school shopping for mom and dad. My sons’ supply list had all of the usual suspects; pencils, crayons, paper, notebooks, a calculator, etc…

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STS Technical Services Provides Better Engineering Through FEA

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One of the benefits of having seasoned engineers doing design work is that they have an innate ability to know when a structure “feels strong.” They have designed and built similar structures in the past and know where problem areas are, when something needs extra support or if a selected part “looks too thin.” They also know when something looks questionable; and that’s when they request an FEA be done.

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