When it Comes to Recruiting, the Proactive Model is Best

21 Jan 2015 Bryan Shaw

Proactive Recruiting

Administrative demands on human resource departments seemingly increase year after year with no signs of slowing down.  More than ever, executives want to maximize the efficiency of their HR teams, often calling upon them to become trained and well-versed in the following areas of expertise…

  • Workplace Safety
  • Performance Reviews
  • Benefits Administration
  • Compliance
  • Legal
  • Due Diligence

An increased workload brought on by the need to offer consistent training often leaves little-to-no time for one of the most important functions in a company’s success, talent acquisition.

Finding talent that builds a strong workforce alongside a blossoming workplace culture is one of the most common traits of successful companies.  Without which, an organization’s chances for success are greatly diminished. It’s that simple.

In-house recruiting goals are designed to find the best and brightest talent needed to ensure that a company hums on all cylinders. And in an effort to achieve those goals, internal HR teams traditionally run advertisements online, scour public databases and engage staffing companies that do little more than react to requisitions.  What’s the outcome of this strategy?  Unfortunately, companies who employ these tactics are left with a reactive recruitment process that only finds bodies… not talent.

Where in the business world is a reactive recruitment process directed and accepted? The simple answer… it’s not, but that doesn’t mean companies don’t blindly adopt the reactive process into their talent acquisition programs and pay a hefty premium for it.

Typically, the best fit for an organization from a cultural and reliability standpoint is someone who is already employed or someone who has just started to engage the job-seeker market.  These highly sought after candidates network rather than shop for employment; a fact that no doubt helps to reverse the body / talent trend.

So rather than accept the typical reactive recruitment process, why not challenge it? The reactive model creates more problems than it solves, and an outside-of-the-box strategy may be just what your company needs to thrive both now and in the future.

A more effective way to approach your talent acquisition is to adopt a proactive recruiting model. What is a proactive recruiting model, you ask? Let me explain.

Proactive recruiting is recognized to be one the most effective strategies when hiring a strong, capable and talented workforce.  It acknowledges that you’re ready to engage the passive job seeker and turn them on to a better employment opportunity.  Proactive recruiting introduces a flexible approach to building stronger organizations over time by calling upon HR / recruiting teams to seek out and find highly sought after, talented candidates.

At STS Technical Services, we look at and embrace your company’s recruitment needs differently than most. Rather then passively engage candidates who have been out of work for lengthy periods of time and are desperately looking for a new job, we proactively engage passive job seekers – the most highly sought after candidates – and put them to work for your company.

If you want to learn more about how your business can leverage the proactive recruiting model we offer, contact STS Technical Services today at 1-800-447-0515.

Thanks so much, and we look forward to challenging the reactive process with you.