STS Technical Services Delivers Scalable RPO Solutions


Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is an emerging industry that is growing in popularity due to the immense benefits and strong results it provides an organization.

At STS Technical Services, we continually work to differentiate the scalable RPO solutions we offer from those provided by competing firms. For example, our team isn’t stuck on using the same process time and time again. Instead, we pride ourselves on offering fully scalable hiring solutions that can easily be tweaked and customized to support specific client needs.

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Engineering Staffing Trends to Follow in 2015

Engineering Blog (ES)

Everyone would love to have a crystal ball to predict the weather, the outcome of a big game, lottery numbers, etc…  Unfortunately, crystal balls don’t exist outside of fiction. In business, that means we are forced to look at empirical data vs. statistical data in an effort to come up with the best case scenario for sales planning and execution. Included in that mix of data are many outside factors one most consider; things like contingent labor, technology and automation, manufacturing stateside as well as sustainability. All of these things directly reflect ongoing market trends throughout the evolving engineering industry, and breaking them down can provide accurate insights as to what’s coming next.

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