RPO: The Scalable and Cost Effective Recruiting Alternative

Before getting into why an RPO Solution is an excellent choice for your company’s hiring needs, let’s start with a quick “RPO 101.”

RPO stands for Recruitment Process Outsourcing, which simply means that recruiting, in part or whole, is transferred to an outside partner. RPO programs can vary greatly based on the wants/needs of a company, but the essence of an RPO is that you get recruiting resources without actually adding head count to your organization. One quick point to note with an RPO solution is that it is almost always focused on direct hire needs.

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MSP’s: Never Stop Innovating

The STS Technical Services Leadership team attended the Staffing Industry Analysts’ Executive Forum in Phoenix, AZ this past week. This event is a high water mark for the industry and always full of collaboration, ideas, and inspiration that drives the next generation of industry best practices. However, I was struck by a recurring negative theme throughout the three day show that I would like to blog about here. What in the world has become of the thought leadership in the MSP space?

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STS Technical Services Delivers Scalable RPO Solutions


Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is an emerging industry that is growing in popularity due to the immense benefits and strong results it provides an organization.

At STS Technical Services, we continually work to differentiate the scalable RPO solutions we offer from those provided by competing firms. For example, our team isn’t stuck on using the same process time and time again. Instead, we pride ourselves on offering fully scalable hiring solutions that can easily be tweaked and customized to support specific client needs.

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Sales vs. Consulting: Moving Away from Stigma and Toward Mutual Prosperity


A few months back, my boss tapped me on the shoulder and asked if I’d be willing to help find a new salesperson to join STS Technical Services’ team. Shortly after agreeing to undertake this recruiting project, I soon realized that finding a well-rounded, motivated sales leader was a lot harder than I had originally anticipated.

Given the difficulties I was facing, which equated to one not-so-qualified candidate after the other, I began scouring the Internet in an effort to better understand my plight and to see if I was the only one experiencing, what I like to call, “searching for salespeople setbacks.”

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