Out-of-the-Box Recruitment Solutions by STS Technical Services

It’s Monday morning, again.  Your alarm goes off, so you quickly jump out of bed and rush to get ready for work. You realize that you’re going to be late, so you run out of the house, hopeful that you won’t find yourself stuck in the same traffic jam that you’ve coincidentally found yourself stuck in every morning… for the past seven years.  As per usual, you sip on the overpriced caramel macchiato that you waited ten minutes for and when you finally get to the office, you realize that there are five emails that need your immediate attention, a voicemail from an angry client and a presentation that you haven’t prepared for.  Happy Monday, everyone,  and now might be a good time to refill that cup of coffee. Tomorrow will be different, right?  Right?

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The Art of Recruiting vs. the Science of Recruiting


Anyone that has been in recruiting as long as I have has likely heard about the art and science of recruiting. These aren’t new topics, but in the age of “technology wins,” the art of recruiting often takes a back seat to the science of it. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, give me a minute to quickly explain.

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Know Your Candidate: Recruitment Advice from STS Technical Services

Recruiting Advice

The importance of having a thorough understanding of your candidate’s qualifications, strengths and overall alignment towards client opportunities is one of the most critical components to becoming a successful recruitment provider.

Throughout the course of my career within the employment industry, I’ve witnessed firsthand how various recruiting tools have evolved throughout the years. Between the progressive world of Social Media, Resume Search Engines and Android Phones  to the trendy Networking Events meeting at the newest downtown hotspot, one could easily assume that recruiting has never been easier, right? Well… not so fast. Let me explain.

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