RPO: The Scalable and Cost Effective Recruiting Alternative

Before getting into why an RPO Solution is an excellent choice for your company’s hiring needs, let’s start with a quick “RPO 101.”

RPO stands for Recruitment Process Outsourcing, which simply means that recruiting, in part or whole, is transferred to an outside partner. RPO programs can vary greatly based on the wants/needs of a company, but the essence of an RPO is that you get recruiting resources without actually adding head count to your organization. One quick point to note with an RPO solution is that it is almost always focused on direct hire needs.

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MSP’s: Never Stop Innovating

The STS Technical Services Leadership team attended the Staffing Industry Analysts’ Executive Forum in Phoenix, AZ this past week. This event is a high water mark for the industry and always full of collaboration, ideas, and inspiration that drives the next generation of industry best practices. However, I was struck by a recurring negative theme throughout the three day show that I would like to blog about here. What in the world has become of the thought leadership in the MSP space?

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The Art of Recruiting vs. the Science of Recruiting


Anyone that has been in recruiting as long as I have has likely heard about the art and science of recruiting. These aren’t new topics, but in the age of “technology wins,” the art of recruiting often takes a back seat to the science of it. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, give me a minute to quickly explain.

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STS Technical Services Provides Better Engineering Through FEA

Blunt Blog

One of the benefits of having seasoned engineers doing design work is that they have an innate ability to know when a structure “feels strong.” They have designed and built similar structures in the past and know where problem areas are, when something needs extra support or if a selected part “looks too thin.” They also know when something looks questionable; and that’s when they request an FEA be done.

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STS Technical Services Prides Itself on Hiring Military Personnel

STSTS Veterans

Throughout my career, I’ve had the opportunity to recruit across multiple industries and world-class organizations. From mining equipment and heavy construction manufacturers to medical device and progressive IT firms, my clients have provided me with an extremely rewarding career that consists of bridging niche and unique labor markets with the appropriate talent that keeps them operational, competitive and, most importantly, profitable.

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In Honor of Chattanooga

CH blog

It was my turn to take a step back from the chaos of a day in the staffing industry to reflect on our profession and write something about it. I had a topic in mind, scalability specifically, when yesterday’s news began to trickle and then flood in across social media about the deaths of four marines in a Terrorist attack in Chattanooga, TN. Somehow the perils of the staffing industry seem pretty irrelevant right now.

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One Woman’s View on the Importance of Size


Get your minds out of the gutter, ya’ll. I’m talking about staffing firms.

Hello, everyone. I’m Jenny, and for the past five years, I’ve been employed by a “boutique” staffing firm known as STS Technical Services (STSTS). When I took this job, I anticipated my time would be spent serving our smaller, back-yard clients with one and two off requests. But day-in and day-out, my charming little firm chooses a different path, one I found quite surprising, initially. Let me explain…

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